Editor. Artist.
Biologist. Tech.

Julie is an experienced multimedia designer and producer living in New Zealand. With over ten years digital experience, Julie has worked with clients such as the Carnegie Museum of Art, University of Pittsburgh, NZ Academy of Sport, and Women in Film and Television.

In 2005 Julie studied in New Zealand, fell in love with the country, and in 2010 achieved her dream of moving back. Her years of experience in biomedical research and digital production experience, led her to a position at the University of Otago working with their Vicon motion capture studio. Since returning to the South Island, she's been wandering the hills, taking photos, and exploring.

Julie received a Bachelor of Arts in 2007 with majors in biology and digital media. Her goals are to expand her computer science skillset, find opportunities to work with the latest 3d and image processing technologies, and generally, be a part of any projects just too good to pass up.

Julie is passionate about women in technology, especially the film and IT sectors. It's a trying and conflicting time to be a woman in these industries, and that makes it all the more imperative to be involved.


This site contains a few realized ideas from my dusty notebooks. Digital graphics, still or moving, websites and zine, you'll only find my favorites here.




Cables and codecs. You need an .mp4 encapsulated as an .m4v converted to DV-AVI? Deinterlaced? PAl of NTSC? Is it under DRM? Don't worry, I got your back.


Do you anyone else that owns a personal microscope - let alone 3?

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